We specialize in low, medium and high barrier capacity laminates, produced in the non-solvent technology, widely applied as upper films for packing machines (TIROMAT, MULTIVAC, VARIOVAC etc.), also applied for packing at FLOW PACK type machines, of thicknesses ranging from 44µ to 490µ.

The laminates are supplied according to our customers' needs – with or without roto/flexo print, in the following configurations:

  • polyamide-polyethylene (BOPA/PE) laminates
  • polyamide-polypropylene (BOPA/PPCast) laminates
  • polyamide-polyethylene (PACast/PE) laminates
  • polyester-polyethylene (PET/PE) laminates
  • polyester-polyethylene metalized (PETmet/PE) laminates
  • polyester-polyethylene (PET PVDC/PE) laminates
  • polyester-polyprolene (PET PVDC/PPCast) laminates
  • polyester-polyethylene (APET/PE) laminates
  • polypropylene-polyethylene (OPP/PE) laminates
  • polyethylene-polyester-polyethylene (PE/PET/PE) laminates
  • laminates of custom base material configuration, according to beyond standard indications